Monday, March 1, 2010

gooood (:

I was totally prepared for tonight to be crappy and stressful,
but somehow, I managed to get everything done on time.
Well, not everything...I didn't write my introduction paragraph but I plan to do that in the morning.

I wish boys weren't so routine.
Like..."awhh that's cute! wait. I'm pretty sure it's cute to every other girl you've pulled at with too"
and I'm pretty sure that's a facebook group.
But what isn't these days?

Sincerity goes a long way with me.
As do please and thank yous.
I just dig classy people.

I don't remember why I started this post.
I feel good tonight! I like not being rushed or stressed...and it's especially nice when I planned for it (:

I wish I had someone to fall asleep talking to.
I'd even settle for texting.
I miss just having someone there.

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