Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Upcoming Events :]!

Being away from home,
my brain has finally settled down
and produced some amazing design ideas!

So when I come home,
I'm FINALLY going to create guy's shirts! I know now what I want
to do with them and how to make the Starship style look boyish
It's gonna be grand, I promise you.
Ohh and I'm going to buy an old plain bookbag
and make it into a monster bag!
I'll probably make mine, then take a picture of it
and make em for others if mine goes over well!

I'm excited!
I don't know if you are, but you should be!

I'm coming home in 5 days :]]!

Ohhh and this is my school schedule!

A Day:
Spanish - Day
Pottery 2 - Marsh
Us History - Denmon
Colorguard - Rittenhouse

B Day:
Computer Apps - Bradley
Human Anatomy - Rich
Enligh 3 - Batchelor
Geometry - Ardnt

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

leaving home to find it again.

I always talk about leaving Blairsville
and traveling and meeting new kids and what not...
but now that that opportunity is 2 days away from becoming a reality,
I'm freaking out!!!

Oh and on top of my emotions currently being 100% out of whack,
it's storming.
I'm relatively scared outta my mind with storms.
It's a nice scared though...kinda like a roller coaster.
You're dreading it, but it's kind of exhilarating.

Anyway, back to original thoughts.
For those of you who don't know what's going down, I'm leaving for Ohio
on Saturday to spend 2 weeks with my sister, my brother in law, my nieces, and my nephew.
My sister is...40 something.
And my nieces are 17 (6 months older than me), 14, annnnnd uhm I don't know how old the youngest one is.
Point being, it's going to different and eventful and I know I'm going to have fun but I'm currently psyching myself out.

I'm flying alone
and am going to be away from home, without my mom or dad for 2 weeks.
It's weird. I feel like a baby bird that is being knocked outta the nest and hasta think fast before hitting the ground.
Although, I know my nest will still be nestled right here when I come back.

I'm hoping Josh and I will be able to see each other once or twice.
SOMEONE from home with me will make my heart beat a bit slower.
(and for once, that'd be a good thing)

Bye comfort zone.
I'm ready,
but scared.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


...or whatever it is people yell when they want something to stop.

Oh summer, summertime.
Bittersweet to the maxxxx!
Everyone's emotions run wild because we no longer have school and homework to distract us from our angst.

Everything is changing currently.
Some for the better on the surface,
some for the worse if you take the time to dwell on it.

On the surface,
my mind is finally free and I'm having loads of fun.
Probably bit too much fun on the account that I'm usually just by myself. But hey, I'm pretty happy floating around in my head all day and just going with the flow.
I've made some new friends; Skye and Josh :]]!
And reconnected with David.
I've also gotten into some awesome new music and become obsessed with Mitchel Musso <333

However, when I think about things,
the outcome is not so great.
I feel very incredibly distant from my old friends. Except for Carley because she volunteers with me so I always see her, luckily :]!
But as for Steph and Farrah...I miss them so much!
I complained to Steph today about missing her and Farrah. I went to see Farrah today but something doesn't feel right. I don't know.
I'm probably being paranoid
but I feel very disconnected and lonely when I think about how much time I am spending by myself
and with new kids in my life.

I can tell the world is shifting in some sense.
I can't pinpoint it, of course. Cause that's not my place at all.
I know things will work themselves out and I'm just being a paranoid kid
but hey, this is how I feel now
and I just want my friends back. PLEASE!

Oh & Matt and Kim are the cutest people in the entire world :]!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The summer has just begun :]

and it's already been proving to be quite awesome!

Sadly, I haven't seen much of
the kids I hung out at school with.
(I use that wordage because I haven't seen them outside of school since it's been summertime)
Stephuhknee, Farrah, Carley (although I saw her a bit before she left for Myrtle) Taylor, Hersh, Mary, etc.
I miss you all a lot :[[[!!

On the brightside, I've been getting close to other kids :D!
Such as Skye. Well, I guess Skye is about the only one. Haha
She's made my summer thus far pretty dang amazing!
I love discovering new awesome kids in B-Ville :]]!

My summer has consisted of using my license to drive back and forth from home to Bville
once or twice a week for work.
My volunteer job that is ^-^
I've been volunteering at this place called Castaway Critters and LOVING every second of it :DD!

*Everybody say "HI CAITLIN!" she's my favorite :]]!

Tonight was the first night I've used my driving ability to actually just go hang out.
Whiiiich I went to see Up with Skye and Lisa :]!
Such a sad movie! Although some parts I did laugh my butt off. Haha
I love bipolar movies :]!

Although I haven't done much,
my summer has started off amazingly!
I'm leaving for Carowinds with my family sometime next week.
And 9 days from now, I'm embarking on my trip to Ohio.
My first solo trip. I'm excited and overwhelmed with nerves already

Side note: I love how when you're becoming new friends with people, you're kind of like obsessed with each other. Especially when you're both into becoming friends quickly. It's fun :]!
I was just thinking about it siiiince the majority of my summer I've spent with my new friend!

A bad explanation isn't an explanation at all

Go ahead,
throw your words at me. Throw your vicious thoughts that
your miserable self just can't hold back anymore.

I mean,
when someone tries to define the word originality and explain reasons of how I don't really fit.
Goooood, bad explanations aren't worthy explanations at all.
I ran across your mind and that's enough to make my day.
You took time out of YOUR day to attempt to ruin mine.
And now, I take time out of mine to blog...cause that's how I fix my problems.
I mean, I'm sure that's what EVERYONE does.

I don't parade around screaming "OMG LOOK HOW ORIGINAL I AM".
I don't have the coolest hair, buy the newest trended clothes, or try to keep up with anyone.
I'm Bri. And I'm incredibly happy being how I am.
Even if that does seem to be borrowing a few bits and pieces from others.

I don't do what I do to impress anyone.
But then again, if I manage to along the way, GOOD! all the better.
I have fun and yes, maybe I'm not as mature as you may think I am.

I'm a good person and I'm not trying to come off like some
huge jerk who is thinks no one can mess with me.
I just dont want people to get the wrong impression of me.

I'm not trying to be anything...the way I go about things are the things that make me happy.
Don't like it, okay then..so be it!
We all have different walks of life and different paths we're going to take.

I will not convert my mind to your ways of thinking (as I've recently had suggested to me).
Who knows who I will become in future years. This is who I am right now
and no one is justified to tell me otherwise.

And to the person who directly pissed me off;
I hope you find comfort in your scholarly vocabulary
and the 9-5 job your "adult" self will soon settle into.
Good riddance, douchebag.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Christian Matthew :]]!

aka ZEE greatest boy
to ever grace the lands of California.

We met in 7th grade.
I think...
I don't know. All I know is when we met,
I had terrible hair, wore eyeliner down to my cheekbones,
and dressed like a boy.
But, for reasons beyond my comprehension,
he decided to be friends with me :]]
and he's been making my life grand since that moment

is the type of boy who you get giddy thinking about.
The one who EVERYONE wants to be friends with cause it's like
"hey, that kid is awesome"
No but seriously, just by him being in my life, he's made it 20 times better!
He has the ability to make me smile even when I don't want to.

I do anything for this boy.
We WILL officially be together in the summer of 2010 :]
It's going to happen, trust me!
And when he gets here, I'm never going to let him go back to California.
He's perfection in every definition of the word!

He's my best friend; my right hand man; my go-to guy when the rest of the world turns away.
He's impacted my life more than he will ever know!
And not a day goes by when I don't think about him and strive to actually be the person I am in his eyes.
He's had a major impact on my life -- a positive one at that.

I love him more than most people!
And more than most things :]

I'd fight an army of radioactive spiders for him!