Friday, June 5, 2009

Christian Matthew :]]!

aka ZEE greatest boy
to ever grace the lands of California.

We met in 7th grade.
I think...
I don't know. All I know is when we met,
I had terrible hair, wore eyeliner down to my cheekbones,
and dressed like a boy.
But, for reasons beyond my comprehension,
he decided to be friends with me :]]
and he's been making my life grand since that moment

is the type of boy who you get giddy thinking about.
The one who EVERYONE wants to be friends with cause it's like
"hey, that kid is awesome"
No but seriously, just by him being in my life, he's made it 20 times better!
He has the ability to make me smile even when I don't want to.

I do anything for this boy.
We WILL officially be together in the summer of 2010 :]
It's going to happen, trust me!
And when he gets here, I'm never going to let him go back to California.
He's perfection in every definition of the word!

He's my best friend; my right hand man; my go-to guy when the rest of the world turns away.
He's impacted my life more than he will ever know!
And not a day goes by when I don't think about him and strive to actually be the person I am in his eyes.
He's had a major impact on my life -- a positive one at that.

I love him more than most people!
And more than most things :]

I'd fight an army of radioactive spiders for him!

1 comment:

The Billie Odom said...

I'm responding to your comment on my blog with this, actually...
I just haven't mastered the art of communication on this blogspot yet, hehe.

But anywayyy, I'm really happy that someone read and responded to my blog :)
And I liked reading your response, by the way.

Its like you understood what I was saying, about those days where you just are, and then when its over, you're just like "wow, that was beautiful."
And i wish more people felt that.

I guess its like you said, most people are caught up in trying to fulfill this "American Dream."
And somehow lost purpose along the way...

Yeahh, I'm starting to rant on this again..
Point being, I liked your response :)