Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer is good for writing blogs.

This is a blog of my life updates. Nothing too interesting XD

Yesterday, I finished The Count of Monte Cristo for Mrs. Bachelor's class. Wow. That book was seriously amazing! A few times I was confused beyond belief (I'll admit that) but the ending paid off for all that. I really enjoyed that book :D

With that out of the way, I have time to focus on my
indie clothing line I'm attempting to get started.

I've grown a lot this summer. Not height wise, of course; but most definitely mentally. I've had a lot of time to sit back and look into new ideas and lifestyles that most of us never get that chance to learn about.
I've taken on Buddhism. It's a lot to learn about and I've come no where learning everything in the 2 months I've been studying it. I'm pretty sure you can consider me Buddhist now though. It's the only religion I've agreed full terms with.

I've been studying the world of decora (aka Harajuku). For those of you not familiar with what that is, it's a fashion trend that is common in Tokyo. Boys and girls in their teens basically dress up...wait. It looks like this.
Yep yep. I've known about it for about a year buut I find it rather cool.

I doubt anyone is going to bother reading this.
and I'm tired of typing and while looking for that Harajuku picture I completely lost my train of thought.

I only have one more week left of summer. Then I have guard camp till school starts.
9am-9pm for two straight weeks.
Basic guard training 20-24 9am-4pm
I'm totally prepared :]

Saturday, July 12, 2008

sci-fi freak, hey!

so I've put thought into it and I've expressed my thoughts to several different people at random times but I felt like writing a new blog and my alien reasonings
seemed like the perfect thing to write about.

You know how scientists are only exploring planets that have similar habitats of Earth for living creatures?
I mean, if these "creatures" needed Earth-like living situations, they would live on Earth in the first place.
How do we know that these "creatures" don't live off of dirt or thrive in the scorching heat of the sun?
We're only exploring planets similar to the Earth because we're highly naive.
Americans are the worst.
We go to GREAT measures to try and make the rest of the world exactly like us.
Hey, I have no problem with that. If other nations are willing to live like us, so be it. But why can't we just understand that other people (or "creatures") are unique from us?

I can't go into grand details as to what I'm trying to say because I've never studied the environments of other planets but I think I made my point.

Scientists, I realize you went to college and got a million different degrees stating that you are indeed brilliant, but think outside the box a bit.
Maybe you ruined all your chances of finding aliens by making Pluto a non-planet. You've upset the aliens and they don't wanna talk to us anymore. Thanks

You may now comment and tell me interesting things you know about space and aliens and what not.

Space interests me. But also scares the heck outta me at the same time.
I'll save that for another blog.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The worst could possibly be for the best

Leave it to family from out of town that you haven't seen in 5 years
to bring out the weirdest qualities of people.

I won't tell you how it went down cause I was asked not to.
But my oldest sister from Florida went home today.
However, not before she made a huge scene and made me start thinking how much I really do owe a thank you to my parents.
Sure they argue, cuss, scream, and sometimes tick me off.
But hey, what family DOESN'T have their downsides?!

My parents have never been people to put me in a bubble and hide me from the realities of people.
They've never put me in a bubble and told me "this is what you have to be".
They've given me the whole world before me and have made it up to me (for the most part) to make what I want with it.
I've been taught that drugs will ruin my shot at making this world my own and it's just ridiculous to rush into relationships with guys.

My family trusts and cares about me and I would never take advantage of that. They give me just enough freedom to where I can look and think how I please as well as know what's right from wrong. I make awesome grades, am not into anything harmful to me, and I respect my parents to the max. Sure, some elders may look down upon the fact that I want to grow up and possibly become a tattoo artist. I want to get facial piercings and dye my hair 3 different neon colors. I want to go spend a summer in Tokyo just to soak in their amazing lifestyle and I want to move to Toronto, Canada and have a hairless cat and a pug.
And you know what?
My parents have never been ones to tell me my craziest dreams are stupid.
In my mind, thanks to the support they give me, anything is still completely possible.

And it sucks that my sister cannot see that.
It sucks that she didn't even make it 24 hours here in Georgia with her family.
But hey, in the long run...the worst is very muchly for the best.