Monday, September 20, 2010

Goodbye, Old Friend

I want to thank you for a lovely 2 years of listening to me whine, keep my lire in order, and just overall grow with me.
But I must move on...well, of course, I can't leave my blogging entirely. I'm just moving blog sites and will now be using tumblr so I can keep my fashion/ inspiration blog and personal blog altogether in harmony.
So if anyone would like to join me in the next chapter of bloggin, feel free to follow me at:


I miss you already!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


-insert "awhhhhh" here-

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A lil more bout me...

- I am uncomfortably awkward. I used to believe this was only around people i didn't know very well but I am starting to see that's it is just an all the time thing no matter who I'm around.

- seahorses are one of my favorite animals. Hedgehogs and small fish are also are on that list.

- anything strawberry related is a-okay in my books

- I miss my mom at random times even if she's right upstairs. I know this is going to be one of my biggest downfalls when I move out.

- I am terrified of ever having to live by myself

- i get my feelings hurt a lot over really silly things but I very rarely over let it show

- it makes me really happy when people notice that my hair is slightly different or something else minor about my appearance. I like knowing that people are paying attention sometimes

- in the past few months I've experienced more good stuff than I have in an entire year's time and I think it has been a grand way to spend senior year

- the almost-strangers who offered such sweet comments to me regarding homecoming made everything totally worth it. I do think those people will ever know how much their words mean to me

- I don't like talking about certain aspects of my past

- Ive spent 96% of my time with Cody and it's a rather amazing feeling to just always have him around

- I cant wait for winter. I hate cold weather but I'm excited for tea and movies

- I recently discovered a love for fried okra ( thanks, Farrah!)

- I'd much rather be watching a movie right now

- I can't wait for Scott Pilgrim to come out on DVD

- I've been learning a lot about Christianity recently

- i really want a coexist bumper sticker

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

that is really all I have to say.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What is life without purpose? What is purpose without love?

You know what's really nice?
Having a boy who actually makes an effort to see me, talk to me everyday, and actually makes me a priority.
I dig him quite a lot (:
And as of tomorrow, we've happily made it through our first month ( which is kinda the only month I consider an actual landmark till 6 months) soooo I'm pretty dang excited haha

I just wanted to blog about how super happy I am! With boy and every other aspect of life - excluding the 8 months I have left in high school.

Oh! For those who don't know, I was voted 1st Runner Up for homecoming this year!
Take that, nay sayers. Haha

Ohhhkay well I'm off to draw and possibly meditate a bit.
I need to clean up the basement so I can take Cody to Wonderroot on Friday.
I can't wait to not have extreme clean freakness looming constantly over my head.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear lady who has nothing better to do but sit in parking lots and yell,

I hope you're satisfied. With what, you ask? Well, I hope you're satisfied with your attempts to get me in trouble. I mean, I guess I should apologize for turning around in a parking lot...what ever was I thinking? I mean, yeah totally...I was speeding and endangering everyone's lives and I definitely remember doing donuts in the parking lot and being reckless. I definitely didn't turn around at the end of the parking lot where there were no cars or people so that I could go back up to the gym to drop my friends off. Nope. Definitely didn't happen that way.
You were exactly right in what you told the SOR officer and I really do appreciate you taking the time to call him. Me being the reckless, defiant teenager that I am couldn't of possibly learned a lesson unless the cops were called. And you know, it was a very important lesson I needed to learn - that some people actually can be that pathetic.
So yes, I hope you're satisfied. I hope you're well aware that you kind of ruined my entire day.
And I hope that also satisfies you.

Good day,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

how does it feel to one of the beautiful people?

Mum keeps yelling at me because my answer to the question of
"why are you reading Helter Skelter?"
"because I love Charles Manson!"

She says I don't love him, I just find him interesting.
Either or.

I guess I "find Charles Manson interesting"

favorite line from the book thus far:
"Autopsy reports are abrupt documents. Cold, factual, they can indicate how the victims died, and give clues as to their last hours, but nowhere in them do their subjects emerge, even briefly, as people. Each report is, in its own way, the sum total of a life, yet there are very few glimspes as to how that life was lived. No likes, dislikes, loves, hates, fears, aspirations, or other human emotions; just a final, clinical summing up: "The body is normally developed...The pancreas is grossly unremarkable...The heat weighs 340 grams and is symmetrical..."
Yet the victims had lived, each had a past."