Monday, September 13, 2010

What is life without purpose? What is purpose without love?

You know what's really nice?
Having a boy who actually makes an effort to see me, talk to me everyday, and actually makes me a priority.
I dig him quite a lot (:
And as of tomorrow, we've happily made it through our first month ( which is kinda the only month I consider an actual landmark till 6 months) soooo I'm pretty dang excited haha

I just wanted to blog about how super happy I am! With boy and every other aspect of life - excluding the 8 months I have left in high school.

Oh! For those who don't know, I was voted 1st Runner Up for homecoming this year!
Take that, nay sayers. Haha

Ohhhkay well I'm off to draw and possibly meditate a bit.
I need to clean up the basement so I can take Cody to Wonderroot on Friday.
I can't wait to not have extreme clean freakness looming constantly over my head.

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