Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear lady who has nothing better to do but sit in parking lots and yell,

I hope you're satisfied. With what, you ask? Well, I hope you're satisfied with your attempts to get me in trouble. I mean, I guess I should apologize for turning around in a parking lot...what ever was I thinking? I mean, yeah totally...I was speeding and endangering everyone's lives and I definitely remember doing donuts in the parking lot and being reckless. I definitely didn't turn around at the end of the parking lot where there were no cars or people so that I could go back up to the gym to drop my friends off. Nope. Definitely didn't happen that way.
You were exactly right in what you told the SOR officer and I really do appreciate you taking the time to call him. Me being the reckless, defiant teenager that I am couldn't of possibly learned a lesson unless the cops were called. And you know, it was a very important lesson I needed to learn - that some people actually can be that pathetic.
So yes, I hope you're satisfied. I hope you're well aware that you kind of ruined my entire day.
And I hope that also satisfies you.

Good day,

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