Saturday, September 18, 2010

A lil more bout me...

- I am uncomfortably awkward. I used to believe this was only around people i didn't know very well but I am starting to see that's it is just an all the time thing no matter who I'm around.

- seahorses are one of my favorite animals. Hedgehogs and small fish are also are on that list.

- anything strawberry related is a-okay in my books

- I miss my mom at random times even if she's right upstairs. I know this is going to be one of my biggest downfalls when I move out.

- I am terrified of ever having to live by myself

- i get my feelings hurt a lot over really silly things but I very rarely over let it show

- it makes me really happy when people notice that my hair is slightly different or something else minor about my appearance. I like knowing that people are paying attention sometimes

- in the past few months I've experienced more good stuff than I have in an entire year's time and I think it has been a grand way to spend senior year

- the almost-strangers who offered such sweet comments to me regarding homecoming made everything totally worth it. I do think those people will ever know how much their words mean to me

- I don't like talking about certain aspects of my past

- Ive spent 96% of my time with Cody and it's a rather amazing feeling to just always have him around

- I cant wait for winter. I hate cold weather but I'm excited for tea and movies

- I recently discovered a love for fried okra ( thanks, Farrah!)

- I'd much rather be watching a movie right now

- I can't wait for Scott Pilgrim to come out on DVD

- I've been learning a lot about Christianity recently

- i really want a coexist bumper sticker

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