Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Everything is changing far too quickly
I fear I'm not keeping up very well

Monday, February 25, 2008

I love my family!

Over dinner my dad and I got in a long discussion of how stupid people are.
He was ranting on and on about how capitalism is destroying our country
and how can people be so dumb to fall for crap like that?

After dinner, he was attempting to clean off the top of the ketchup bottle with his DIRTY napkin.
Well Mom and I yelled at him for being disgusting so he got up and threw the bottle away.
The whole time Mom is screaming "noo! Don't throw it away! Awhhh man why'd you throw the ketchup away?"
Maybe I'm just too far indoctrinated by my family, but I found it hilarious.

Just made me think how unfortunate some kids are.
The kids with the "Perfect American Family"
Their mom is involved in every sport they do and is always the one who brings in stuff for class parties/projects.
Their dad volunteers to coach the school team and has a perfect job as some high class business man.
The children don't learn a cuss word except for at school and they are taught manners that must CONSTANTLY follow and they get grounded for disagreeing with their parents.

My mom is just like a teenager.
We hang out and talk about boys and friends and drama and sex and drugs and whatever you would talk to your best friend about.
My dad is an alcoholic ex-biker.
He's covered in tattoos [yes, that's were I get it from], he cusses like crazy, he's Atheist, etc.
My family argues like crazy and I don't even know half of my family cause of some heated argument that has been going on ever since before I was born.

I love it and I honestly don't see why anyone would want a "picture perfect" lifestyle.

I don't care that the world thinks my family is crazy. We aren't some lowlife drug using family and we live in a big home.
Sooo you know, I'm okay with letting people know my family actually has fun and are completely real people

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soo I noticed....

that all my blogs have something to do with me complaining about something.

For once,
I want a well-rounded blog.
I don't really whine that much, I just use my blog to vent stuff that is bothering me.

I had a really good day today =]
Aside from the fact that I'm short and people overlook me a lot
annnd that I found out that I was accused of doing drugs at school annnnnd that some random girl wants to kill me for no apparent reason.
I haven't done anything to her...so I'm gonna do my best to resolve this.

High school -sigh-

Saturday is the concert =D
My boyfriend, Koda, is coming up. I like him a lot.
I seriously think he's the greatest boy I've dated.
No lies

Stephanie is HOPEFULLY coming to concert with me.
Then she can meet Koda .

I'm so excited!!

I cannot wait to get this "drug" and "fighting" issue over with.

Stuff currently annoying me:
- Girls -Friends who do drugs and drag me into it -That it's only Thursday
-My retainer -We have no oreos -My pants are too tight -My hair refuses to stay spiked up.

that is all for today

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm tired of people....

Yeah..that basically sums up
everything this post is going to contain.
Almost everyone I have ever met have disappointed me in some way.
Aside from a certain few, and they should be able to tell who they are.
Whether someone I knew got into drugs, completely let themselves go, lost all self respect, haven't been the best of friend (not just to me, to anyone), etc. almost EVERYONE has let me down.

I'm tired of it!!

I guess what set me off what my ex and one of my friends.
To my knowledge, today was the first day my friend has ever done drugs...although I could be wrong. She ended up getting caught with them and blah blah blah all of that. She skipped school the other day and ever since she's been dating a new boy, she seems to of lost respect for herself.
I love her and I'm not considering this talking behind her back.
She knows I'm disappointed and I'm not really complaing, I'm more or less just concerned.

As for my ex, well everyone pretty much knows that story.
I wasted a year of my life on him.
Back when I knew him, he was the greatest boy in the world in my opinion.
Sure he's always had some problems and we fought all the time, but I still "loved" him. And he's the only boy I'm willing to use the word "love" for.
He was cute, sweet (to me at least), called me all the time, went out of his way to see me (usually), and I was completely head-over-heels for the boy.
Now, I can't even carry on a decent conversation with him.
He's into drugs and sex. He has no respect for himself (in my opinion, anyway) and he sells himself short all of the time!
I know how great of a guy he is capable of being, he just choses to be the way he is.
I really do miss what we used to have.

I HATE how gullible my generation is.
Boy : I love you
Girl : Kay; let's have sex since you love me!
Boy : -leaves next day-
dumb story, but you get the point.


I'm currently completely happy with my life.
My best friend is amazing and I have the most awesome boyfriend ever
but you know, it's hard to forget someone that you spent a year caring about and people that you care about in general.

That's all.