Thursday, February 21, 2008

Soo I noticed....

that all my blogs have something to do with me complaining about something.

For once,
I want a well-rounded blog.
I don't really whine that much, I just use my blog to vent stuff that is bothering me.

I had a really good day today =]
Aside from the fact that I'm short and people overlook me a lot
annnd that I found out that I was accused of doing drugs at school annnnnd that some random girl wants to kill me for no apparent reason.
I haven't done anything to I'm gonna do my best to resolve this.

High school -sigh-

Saturday is the concert =D
My boyfriend, Koda, is coming up. I like him a lot.
I seriously think he's the greatest boy I've dated.
No lies

Stephanie is HOPEFULLY coming to concert with me.
Then she can meet Koda .

I'm so excited!!

I cannot wait to get this "drug" and "fighting" issue over with.

Stuff currently annoying me:
- Girls -Friends who do drugs and drag me into it -That it's only Thursday
-My retainer -We have no oreos -My pants are too tight -My hair refuses to stay spiked up.

that is all for today

1 comment:

Dakota Floyd said...

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Maybe it'll be all Mortal Kombat, with the whole "FATALITY" thing going on. You can be that crazy black woman that dressed in the green leotard and had those weird yellow sabers. Yes.