Monday, June 28, 2010

You are my sunshine

My original intentions for this blog wasn't too cheery.
My day consisted of collecting my thoughts of how upset I felt and how I was going to convey them in yet another whiney blog.
Luckily though, I feel less craptastic now by taking measures into my own hands.

Now, rather than complaining, I'm going to give you a story for starters.
The other day, my mom was showing me her charm bracelet. It has charms on it from her teenage year boyfriends and places she's traveled and lots of other cool stuff.
I felt a bit 1-upped since all I have from boys I've liked in my teenage years is a a not-so-heart-felt "love" letter and a silly band shaped like a cow. And I have almost nothing from my travels except digital pictures I've entrusted Myspace with.
So what did I do?
Why, I bought a charm bracelet of course! [technically, at the time of writing this blog, I haven't decided on which one I want to buy yet but I have it narrowed down to a few]
but it'll probably be this awesome $6 one

I am pretty excited to get started!
So if anyone out there happens to see any cheap, cute charms that they want to give me for my bracelet, I'll be so super happy. Of course, I'd like them to relate to me or you or some inside joke between us.
Something with nice memories [:

I'm already drooling over all of her charms!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

blame it on the weather, but I'm a mess.

I have a horrible feeling about today.
I woke up with that panic feeling in the pit of my stomach and even after being awake for about 2 hours, it has yet to go away.

On a plus side, I had a wonderful time in Rome this past week!
I loved being in a laid back environment for once. It was pretty guaranteed that no one was going to be screaming and cussing so...relief is nice.
I'm planning another trip back there right before band/guard camp so Matt has time to take off work so we can spend more time together.
I'm excited!

These next two weeks are going to be odd for me. I feel it already...
As usual, I get far too attached to someone far too quickly and now, it sucks that that person is going away for awhile.
My solution?
Focus my attention back on Starship.

This summer has been such a waste as far as "business" is concerned. I've lacked motivation and passion for my work lately.
I have some ideas in mind and I'm starting a collaborative collection with one of my friends. So I'm pretty excited to see how that turns out!
I think I'm going to have a give-away promotion sale. I'm sick of my old pieces floating around my studio and taking up space that I don't have. I think I might sell it for super cheap to my cute-dressing friends as a promotion. I don't know how I'm going to make that work out yet but I'll think of something.
Basically, I'm going to go into work overload and dish out a bunch of stuff in random order and hope for the best.
It's pretty bad when your own laziness starts to annoy you.

So that is my plan.
Starting either today or tomorrow.
Hopefully today since procrastination isn't going to get my anywhere either.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i will help you fly across the moonlit sky

I can't believe that it was only a week ago that Summerfest was going on. That right now last week all my close friends were here sitting in a circle and singing songs together. I can't believe that it was only a week ago that Herbie was here. Everything seemed so different last week.
This has been the longest week in history! But it's been a very enjoyable one.

Either Tuesday or Wednesday [I really cannot remember which], I spent the afternoon with Steffan venturing a random trail through the woods by the lake. I got the bright idea to drag him out on a log that had fallen into the lake.
Well, he warned me he wasn't the most balanced person ever...which he then proved. We won't go into details here. Haha
Thursday I went to the lake with Skye and we swam around in my family's secret swimming nook. Which isn't really a secret but... oh well.
We were both really unsure of how to get in the water so I was joking around and started down the hill attempting to say "This is one small step for man!"
I got cut off somewhere around "one" and slipped down the hill and into the water.
We swam around for awhile randomly screaming when something brushed against our leg.
After awhile, Steffan showed up to join us.
It wasn't until after I got home that I realized how long we stood in the water, arms folded, in a circle just talking. Very little swimming actually went on. And Steffan broke out his Russel Brand voice and Skye and I almost drowned ourselves laughing so hard. (This might be why I'm so obsessive over Russel recently)

& last night
Steffan and I met up at my mom's office where she treated us to some China food (:
my absolute favorite! We ate and hung around for awhile and then headed to the cinema to catch Toy Story 3 on its opening night. I gave him several chances to back out but he bravely stuck it out with me! The movie was good, the company was good, the little children were not so good...
Afterward, we sat in my car and narrated innocent people's lives. Apparently, every middle-aged woman there was cheating on her husband and a boy walking around by himself was desperately trying to mask that his girlfriend left without him.
I took him home and we sat in my car some more and talked about The Human Centipede [youtube the trailer for it!] and how it's a /must see/ on our movie list.

I simply adore the people in my life [:
and I really do miss Farrah and Joshua [Dunford]]. I haven't seen them in quite some time. Farrah is busy with Joshua [Pittman]. and Joshua [Dunford] is busy with work.

With all my driving around, Stefan Fink's album hasn't left my CD player. Nor will it anytime soon. I really recommend you go download it offline:
He sells his CDs for $5 at his show and, trust me, it's worth every penny. He's a rad dude...don't steal his music if you can help it, please ^-^
Something about Stef[f]ans that I just can't get enough of apparently.

In the morning, I'm leaving for Rome, Georgia to stay with my brother for a week.
& Steffan is leaving for Gainesville for a week as well. Maybe I'm completely pathetic but that aspect is going to suck. We're both going to be busy and unable to see each other all week.
But! Brother and sister-in-law time is always nice and getting away from home for awhile will be relieving.
I'm actually going to go put my hand-painted suitcase to good work and start packing!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I will be Wendy and you will be Peter Pan

I'm a Peter Pan freak.
Not so much the Disney movie version but the book and all the cute knick knacks that Peter Pan has inspired people to create, I'm in love with :]

But anyway,
It is Sunday now and I just completed the greatest weekend I've had in a long time!
However, this blog will not completely capture my excitement because I'm running on extreme lack of sleep.
So instead of sounding excited, there might be a romantic feel to this and it'll come seeming a lot more insightful than I originally intended.

So anyway!
Friday started all this. I got a phone call from Timmy who, unknown to me, was hanging out in my field dropping off equipment and getting ready for his show in Atlanta. Anyway, he called to tell me that Herbie was in Blairsville and wanted us to come get him. Herbie is a really amazing guy who drove 6 1/2 hours from Kentucky to come perform at Summerfest the following day! One of the coolest guys I've met! And he reminds me a lot of Kylewilliam from appearance to his mannerisms so I enjoyed his presence even more.
We hopped in my car, grabbed our semi-matching hats, and drove as fast as allowed to meet Herbie in Blairsville. Things were a bit awkward at first as Herbie was a lot more quiet than I initially expected.
He followed in his car back to my place where him and Timmy both dragged out their guitars and worked on a song. I sat nearby being a creeper since I'm not a musician and their musician talk was a foreign language to me.
Soon after, the wonderful Skye showed up at my house! With the gang all there, we packed up the car and headed to the wonderful city of Atlanta!
We got there a few hours early to hit up the American Apparel Flea Market at Atlantic Station. I snagged a super cute black jumper that I can't wait to wear!
Then we traveled the streets of the city since we're all small town kids and rarely get to the big ol city.
A random lady on the street complimented my outfit and it made me smile a lot. I love random acts of kindness more than most things.
Afterward, we headed to Borders and hung out among endless books and air conditioning. Herbie got a really cool Clash book that I was pretty jealous of.
Skip forward awhile and we arrive at the Wonderroot show where Timmy was set to perform that evening.
The first bands scared us a bit but Timmy began a wonderful music streak.
& I fell in love with the two bands following him.
I bought both their CDs and put them on my Ipod and have been in musical heaven ever since!

And, to end the evening off right, I hit a curb leaving the Wonderroot parking lot and knocked the skirt off my car...again.
We also got into an awesome anti-government chat on the way home to make sure I didn't fall asleep at the wheel.
We arrived home around 3am and everyone crashed at my house since we had to get up bright and early to start setting up for Summerfest.

9 am, everyone in the house is up and munching on some delicious pancakes my dad made us. The first bands showed up at 10:30 which annoyed me a bit since /no one/ bothered to tell me that they were planning on showing up early.
But all was well.
The show was really good! We had a pretty big diversity in all the performers so it was fun.
Afterward, Herbie and Chris Ryan sat in the grass and rocked out to old songs they both happened to know and the few people left over sang along to songs we recognized.
Running on 6 hours of sleep and giving 2 days in a row my all, I was pretty exhausted and everyone started to get rather fussy with each other so it was suggested that we just all went home.
Timmy and Herbie left to go find a cute diner close-by to eat at. Herbie's idea and sadly, he was unaware that we don't really have any of those around here. Especially not at 9 at night.
Mom and I went to the ever popular McDonalds.
Herbie and Timmy crashed at my house again and left around 11 this morning.

Today, I'm still fighting exhaustion since I kind of hate sleeping during the day.
I ordered two new books today and until they get here, I'm going to read "My Booky Wook" which is Russel Brand's autobiography.
I sure do love that man :]

Thank you to all the wonderful and amazing friends and people who came out and made this weekend what it was :D!
It'll be interesting to try and top this.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Take a step back, take a look at one another

Today, I was given my dream bike :D!
I haven't come up with a name for her yet that completely captures how amazing she is.
She's about a 1960 Sears & Roebuck 3 Speed. (my Dad thinks she's from around that time, not sure. But I do know she's a Sears).
I already love her!
Even if I did already crash and hurt my leg a major damage.

I need to stop thinking about Starship.
Cause currently, I've gotten myself in a pickle where I have no fresh ideas
and are feeling the need to force myself to make things.
And as my friend said "you're going to hate what you make and have no passion behind it"
not exact words but close enough.

So my solution.
Focus this week's attention on Summerfest and relaxing the creative part of my mind.
Then come back next week, and start kicking some serious butt (:
eerr the week after that. Depending how long I'm in creative rehab.

Speaking of pickles

Friday, June 4, 2010

King of the Mods

I finally figured out who my dream boy would be...
the love child of Russel Brand and Noel Fielding.
I'd gladly take my throne as Queen of the Mods

That is all.
Rather pointless blog.