Sunday, June 27, 2010

blame it on the weather, but I'm a mess.

I have a horrible feeling about today.
I woke up with that panic feeling in the pit of my stomach and even after being awake for about 2 hours, it has yet to go away.

On a plus side, I had a wonderful time in Rome this past week!
I loved being in a laid back environment for once. It was pretty guaranteed that no one was going to be screaming and cussing so...relief is nice.
I'm planning another trip back there right before band/guard camp so Matt has time to take off work so we can spend more time together.
I'm excited!

These next two weeks are going to be odd for me. I feel it already...
As usual, I get far too attached to someone far too quickly and now, it sucks that that person is going away for awhile.
My solution?
Focus my attention back on Starship.

This summer has been such a waste as far as "business" is concerned. I've lacked motivation and passion for my work lately.
I have some ideas in mind and I'm starting a collaborative collection with one of my friends. So I'm pretty excited to see how that turns out!
I think I'm going to have a give-away promotion sale. I'm sick of my old pieces floating around my studio and taking up space that I don't have. I think I might sell it for super cheap to my cute-dressing friends as a promotion. I don't know how I'm going to make that work out yet but I'll think of something.
Basically, I'm going to go into work overload and dish out a bunch of stuff in random order and hope for the best.
It's pretty bad when your own laziness starts to annoy you.

So that is my plan.
Starting either today or tomorrow.
Hopefully today since procrastination isn't going to get my anywhere either.

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