Sunday, September 5, 2010

Strange Day.

For starters, I woke up really early on the first go-round.
My parents were working on my studio wall which is right outside my bedroom (please note I'd already forced myself to stay asleep while dogs were barking and a random man was yelling across my living room ((I later found out that he was the Dish guy)))
So I walked out of my room and glared at my parents and just kinda despised everything in the world (please also note that my phone was taken away the previous night)
Well, after getting tired of my glaring, Mom told me to go back to I did.
I turned on some Converge so it'd block out all the other sounds in my house.
I think I was asleep for about another 2 hours and had a super strange dream that involved breaking everything of value to me, crashing my car, and killing Cody.
Technically, I didn't kill him but it was my fault he was dead.

Story time?
I'd say so.
So in my dream, my parents asked me to take the garbage trailer we have (which is huge) somewhere. For some reason, I went to Ingles and randomly saw Cody there. Well, when I tried to break to say hey to him, the trailer crashed into my car and totaled it.
Cody got in my car then and we came to my house. My mom was cool with him being there but when my dad woke up, I had to yell at Cody to leave really fast before my dad saw him. I had forgotten his car was still at Ingles but when I did remember, I ran outside to tell him I'd drive him to his car.
But he was gone. So I spent a really long time looking for him (as well as accidentally smashing my phone and ipad). Well, I eventually ran down to the bridge at the end of my road and saw a bunch of police people and other folks standing around.
I asked this random lady who my dream made out to be Cody's mom what had happened
and she said he had gotten hit by a car and was dead.
Sooooooooo flashing back to real life,
I woke up and was panicking (cause, as we already stated, I didn't have my phone so I couldn't just call Cody and make sure he was actually okay).
So I ran out to my studio where my parents still were and tried to explain this to them but started crying in the middle of it and cried off and on for about 20 minutes
till Mom managed to convince me that Cody isn't actually dead.

So yeah.
I was going to go into further detail about why my day was weird but now that I read that, I think anyone can understand how a day would be strange after it starting out like that.

I met Cody's family last night and it was a pretty amazing evening :]
they seemed to like me and I got to spend all evening with Cody which is always nice.

That is all.

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