Sunday, July 6, 2008

The worst could possibly be for the best

Leave it to family from out of town that you haven't seen in 5 years
to bring out the weirdest qualities of people.

I won't tell you how it went down cause I was asked not to.
But my oldest sister from Florida went home today.
However, not before she made a huge scene and made me start thinking how much I really do owe a thank you to my parents.
Sure they argue, cuss, scream, and sometimes tick me off.
But hey, what family DOESN'T have their downsides?!

My parents have never been people to put me in a bubble and hide me from the realities of people.
They've never put me in a bubble and told me "this is what you have to be".
They've given me the whole world before me and have made it up to me (for the most part) to make what I want with it.
I've been taught that drugs will ruin my shot at making this world my own and it's just ridiculous to rush into relationships with guys.

My family trusts and cares about me and I would never take advantage of that. They give me just enough freedom to where I can look and think how I please as well as know what's right from wrong. I make awesome grades, am not into anything harmful to me, and I respect my parents to the max. Sure, some elders may look down upon the fact that I want to grow up and possibly become a tattoo artist. I want to get facial piercings and dye my hair 3 different neon colors. I want to go spend a summer in Tokyo just to soak in their amazing lifestyle and I want to move to Toronto, Canada and have a hairless cat and a pug.
And you know what?
My parents have never been ones to tell me my craziest dreams are stupid.
In my mind, thanks to the support they give me, anything is still completely possible.

And it sucks that my sister cannot see that.
It sucks that she didn't even make it 24 hours here in Georgia with her family.
But hey, in the long run...the worst is very muchly for the best.



ooo! ooo! I have a hairless cat in my house right now! You should see him; his name's Romeo, and he's solid white, very lean and long, and totally mesmerizing. He's a Cornish Rex breed, costing approx. $1500. You'd totally nappreciate him. Everyone says he's ugly. :( Romeo doesn't belong to me, but instead to a friend who's living w/ us for the summer.

Oh, and btw, you're awesome. :)

heather. said...

you ARE awesome.

I miss ya!

Kayla said...

Bri, I love love how you view your parents. I also adore the fact your parents support you and want you to be who you are, not all of us are so lucky=[ O and btw I agree with Heather =]