Monday, June 16, 2008

So I'm a wee bit disappointed

Mostly just in myself.
I mean, blaming small towns and not being able to go anywhere
without the aid of someone else's car aside, I'm disappointed.
I've been on this world for 15 years and I have absolutely nothing to show for it!
I have good grades, awesome friends, a lot of confidence in myself, and nothing in my life is terribly horrible but seriously...I have yet to do anything that's incredibly special
Every time I start to get somewhere with something, I get bored and give it up.
Which, needless to say, is not a good quality to have.

I've spent far too many days doing nothing except surfing the web and watching pointless television. I have big dreams but doing nothing to reach them.
Basically this is just a self-motivation blog.
I need to stop being lazy and actually do something.
I'm quite tired of feeling unimportant and boring.
and I'm tired of cleaning the house EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! no house is THAT dirty!!!!!

When exactly do the "best years" of my life start??
Yeah, I'm 15 and I've been told that this is my time to do nothing buuut I know people who already famous fashion designers at my age!
Ughh...I'm tired of feeling horrible


Dakota Floyd said...

I haven't got anything to show for my bleak 18-year existence either! Ahhhh!

I think being a decent human being should count as being something awesome. Too bad it doesn't anymore.

PS -- It's kind of fitting the word verification thing for this reply is "beseen." Be Seen.


The End.

Bonnie said...

The fact that you actually want to be something says a lot about what great of a person you really are.

And those days will come.

It's just a matter of subjecting yourself to new and incredible things.

Don't worry.
You're going to be one of those old ladies with tattoos that you can't for the life of you remember why you got them and purple hair with lots of stories to tell about your many travels (including the one to Canada with Bonnie).
I swear.