Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here's a challenge for you...

put down your teeny fashion magazines and strip away your limitations.
For just a second about forget looking cool and trying to impress your crush.

I love teenagers. How awkward we all are
and how we think our tiniest problems are going to END THE WORLD.
One thing I don't particularly like is how boring we have all become.
Sure, it's been drilled in your head since the day you were born that there
is a "certain way" you must look, dress, act, talk if you ever plan to get anywhere in life but can we just forget about all that for a minute?

I'm NOT talking about being original. I am not provoking everyone go out and completely bombard the city and go against everything they know.
My point is the lack of personality we have.
What happened to good ole fashioned creativity? Have we been completely brainwashed into what the media says we SHOULD do?
What happened to laughing till you cried and stomping the bleachers to death during "We Will Rock You" ??
orrr uhh whatever the name of that song is...

For one second of your life
say how you actually feel, not what people tell you you should be saying.
Go out and play in the rain and show some courtesy to those around you (being a jerk is definitely not flattering. No matter what people say)
Tell a cheesy joke, listen to an unsigned band, be nice to the nerd everyone hates for no reason, ect.
Have fun and live life instead of sitting on your butt fantasizing about the things you could be doing.



Dakota Floyd said...

Yup. Being a decent person is going out of style apparently...

Here's a lyric from Andrew Jackson Jihad that is kind of relatable to the general tone on this post:

"Welcome to this world, have as much fun as you would like while helping others have as much fun as you are having.
Be kind to those you love, and be kind to those you don't.
But for God's sake you gotta be kind, and respectful because we're all one soul."

Bonnie said...


So we were making the world just a tad better by "stomping the bleachers to death during "We Will Rock You" and just being our crazed out selves?


Br!3 said...

yes, Bonnie
of course we are =]
Dontchya feel so much more important now?


Didya get my new tattoo pic????

heather. said...

What is the tallest building in the world??

A library. It has the most stories.

Was that joke shceesy enough for you? I think it just might be.

That happens to be my second favorite joke ever. :-)