Thursday, May 1, 2008

I preach too much a desperate attempt to BETTER our world. but no one is ever around to listen. So here, have a blog. Read it if you want, ignore if you want, do what you want, I don't care.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself "who am I?" if you can come up with a accurate answer, good job. If you can't, well maybe this blog is for you.

I'm sitting back laughing as my classmates destroy their lives bit by bit. To me, I find it humorous. People beating each other up over "talking crap" about your former best friend who dated this guy you knew through another friend who you got in a fight with last year over who liked Bring Me The Horizon more at a concert where this really hot guy stared at your best friend who you don't talk to anymore. Dumb, yes? That's what I'm getting at!
People getting into drugs thinking it'll make them look cool and suddenly all their problems will just vanish. When in reality they are just too weak to deal with what is going on around them.
Sure "it's their life!!! Maybe they like being like that! Let em do what they want."
I'm all for doing your own thing and living your own life.
But what happens when your life starts affecting mine?
We're in high school right now and it's hard to fathom the real world. However, one day, all you sceney piercing crazed [man]whores are going to be America. You're going to be the one out there ruling our country!
Then what?
I think I may feel the need to speak up around that time. But then will too late.
Having sex with every guy you meet will NOT get your ex boyfriend to take you back. People thinking you look nice on MYSPACE does not make you a model.
I hate the 21st century.
Outspoken people have to turn to blogs, such as this one, to try and get their point across since no one cares to listen!
Sticking up for you what believe in is overtaken by the fear of losing a friend or two along the way.
Virginity is given up in fear that your "totally hot" boyfriend/girlfriend is gonna leave you. Ha!
Failing school is not cool! "hahhh I made a 20 math test! That's lower than yours! hahahahah"
Stop talking....
What are you gonna do once your day isn't planned out for you anymore? You don't have classes you have to go to, you don't have parents telling you when to go to bed, and you're totally on your own?
Drugs 24/7? Whoring yourself out to a different guy every night?
Cool. If that's the way you want to live, so be it!


I'm tired of meeting "original" people! I want someone who is REAL!!!! Someone who will just tell me what's on their mind and not sugarcoat it. I want leaders! I want people willing to take a stand! I want people who firmly believe in things and stand for SOMETHING!!!

Please please please stop throwing your life away!!!!!!!!
You're so much better than you give yourself credit for.
We all have bad days; there are cures other than drugs.
Smile once in awhile.


heather. said...

Wow. I really agree with you.

Well stated, my friend.

Dakota Floyd said...

People, people, people. I could do without 'em.


Bri, I freakin love you! Read my commments on Heather's blog; they're meant for you, too!

MeganMassacre said...

Wow. You need to preach more! That was precise! I wish people would stop wasting time on what they think they should be and more on who they truly are.

Kaydee said...

Bri. I agree with you 100% on this.

I know it seems contidicting because of my lifestyle, but I do agree with you.