Monday, May 19, 2008

Freshman year.

After more camping trips than I can count, several visits to weird run-down towns, and far too many encounters with people who think "pull my finger" is the funniest thing in the world, I am finally the person I've always wanted to be.
I guess I could also thank high school for that. It truly does change you whether you notice it or not. Luckily, it changed me for the better (in my opinion).
Freshman year is 5 days from coming to an end. In the past school year I've met so many amazing kids, remained a serious procrastinator, been faced with problems I'd never excepted to be faced with, lost friends, re-learned to play clarinet, made color guard, and probably a lot more amazing things that I can't remember right now.
To sum it up, I LOVE Freshman year. Sure, we all have our ups and downs and complaints about everything but it's all cool.
I love everything high school has to offer and I love how much I've learned. Hopefully, the next 3 years will be just as amazing.
Sorry, I don't have any complaints. I LIKE B-Ville and it's small town charm. I LIKE the stupid people I'm faced with and the problems they bring. I LIKE silly trends. Hey, maybe that's just me but this is my blog so I dun care XD

I'm going to school now. EOCTs today! ohhhboy. That is one thing I DO NOT LIKE.


Dakota Floyd said...

Freshman year was my favorite too.

Oh, and I shower everyday, thank you very much. :)

Dakota Floyd said...

Oh, and PS -- Pull my finger.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, look who finally broke down and made a blog.
That'd be me.


yay for freshman year. Ya'll are an awesome honors class. Wish I could say they same for all the other freshmen turds. You're such a cutie, Bri, and I love your electric energy and personality. Don't change!