Saturday, July 12, 2008

sci-fi freak, hey!

so I've put thought into it and I've expressed my thoughts to several different people at random times but I felt like writing a new blog and my alien reasonings
seemed like the perfect thing to write about.

You know how scientists are only exploring planets that have similar habitats of Earth for living creatures?
I mean, if these "creatures" needed Earth-like living situations, they would live on Earth in the first place.
How do we know that these "creatures" don't live off of dirt or thrive in the scorching heat of the sun?
We're only exploring planets similar to the Earth because we're highly naive.
Americans are the worst.
We go to GREAT measures to try and make the rest of the world exactly like us.
Hey, I have no problem with that. If other nations are willing to live like us, so be it. But why can't we just understand that other people (or "creatures") are unique from us?

I can't go into grand details as to what I'm trying to say because I've never studied the environments of other planets but I think I made my point.

Scientists, I realize you went to college and got a million different degrees stating that you are indeed brilliant, but think outside the box a bit.
Maybe you ruined all your chances of finding aliens by making Pluto a non-planet. You've upset the aliens and they don't wanna talk to us anymore. Thanks

You may now comment and tell me interesting things you know about space and aliens and what not.

Space interests me. But also scares the heck outta me at the same time.
I'll save that for another blog.

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