Sunday, June 14, 2009


...or whatever it is people yell when they want something to stop.

Oh summer, summertime.
Bittersweet to the maxxxx!
Everyone's emotions run wild because we no longer have school and homework to distract us from our angst.

Everything is changing currently.
Some for the better on the surface,
some for the worse if you take the time to dwell on it.

On the surface,
my mind is finally free and I'm having loads of fun.
Probably bit too much fun on the account that I'm usually just by myself. But hey, I'm pretty happy floating around in my head all day and just going with the flow.
I've made some new friends; Skye and Josh :]]!
And reconnected with David.
I've also gotten into some awesome new music and become obsessed with Mitchel Musso <333

However, when I think about things,
the outcome is not so great.
I feel very incredibly distant from my old friends. Except for Carley because she volunteers with me so I always see her, luckily :]!
But as for Steph and Farrah...I miss them so much!
I complained to Steph today about missing her and Farrah. I went to see Farrah today but something doesn't feel right. I don't know.
I'm probably being paranoid
but I feel very disconnected and lonely when I think about how much time I am spending by myself
and with new kids in my life.

I can tell the world is shifting in some sense.
I can't pinpoint it, of course. Cause that's not my place at all.
I know things will work themselves out and I'm just being a paranoid kid
but hey, this is how I feel now
and I just want my friends back. PLEASE!

Oh & Matt and Kim are the cutest people in the entire world :]!

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