Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The summer has just begun :]

and it's already been proving to be quite awesome!

Sadly, I haven't seen much of
the kids I hung out at school with.
(I use that wordage because I haven't seen them outside of school since it's been summertime)
Stephuhknee, Farrah, Carley (although I saw her a bit before she left for Myrtle) Taylor, Hersh, Mary, etc.
I miss you all a lot :[[[!!

On the brightside, I've been getting close to other kids :D!
Such as Skye. Well, I guess Skye is about the only one. Haha
She's made my summer thus far pretty dang amazing!
I love discovering new awesome kids in B-Ville :]]!

My summer has consisted of using my license to drive back and forth from home to Bville
once or twice a week for work.
My volunteer job that is ^-^
I've been volunteering at this place called Castaway Critters and LOVING every second of it :DD!

*Everybody say "HI CAITLIN!" she's my favorite :]]!

Tonight was the first night I've used my driving ability to actually just go hang out.
Whiiiich I went to see Up with Skye and Lisa :]!
Such a sad movie! Although some parts I did laugh my butt off. Haha
I love bipolar movies :]!

Although I haven't done much,
my summer has started off amazingly!
I'm leaving for Carowinds with my family sometime next week.
And 9 days from now, I'm embarking on my trip to Ohio.
My first solo trip. I'm excited and overwhelmed with nerves already

Side note: I love how when you're becoming new friends with people, you're kind of like obsessed with each other. Especially when you're both into becoming friends quickly. It's fun :]!
I was just thinking about it siiiince the majority of my summer I've spent with my new friend!


skye britni said...

Haha, honestly. I wouldn't have been able to put this post together as greatly amazing (which doesn't really make too much sense, but oh well) as you just did, mam. :] You're amazing and i'm glad this year and summer has brought us to being friends, I love you Bri! :D

skye britni said...

...and for the record, Lacey is more amazing than Caitlin. mhmmmm. :DD

okay, maybe they're just equally cool. haha.