Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A bad explanation isn't an explanation at all

Go ahead,
throw your words at me. Throw your vicious thoughts that
your miserable self just can't hold back anymore.

I mean,
when someone tries to define the word originality and explain reasons of how I don't really fit.
Goooood, bad explanations aren't worthy explanations at all.
I ran across your mind and that's enough to make my day.
You took time out of YOUR day to attempt to ruin mine.
And now, I take time out of mine to blog...cause that's how I fix my problems.
I mean, I'm sure that's what EVERYONE does.

I don't parade around screaming "OMG LOOK HOW ORIGINAL I AM".
I don't have the coolest hair, buy the newest trended clothes, or try to keep up with anyone.
I'm Bri. And I'm incredibly happy being how I am.
Even if that does seem to be borrowing a few bits and pieces from others.

I don't do what I do to impress anyone.
But then again, if I manage to along the way, GOOD! all the better.
I have fun and yes, maybe I'm not as mature as you may think I am.

I'm a good person and I'm not trying to come off like some
huge jerk who is thinks no one can mess with me.
I just dont want people to get the wrong impression of me.

I'm not trying to be anything...the way I go about things are the things that make me happy.
Don't like it, okay be it!
We all have different walks of life and different paths we're going to take.

I will not convert my mind to your ways of thinking (as I've recently had suggested to me).
Who knows who I will become in future years. This is who I am right now
and no one is justified to tell me otherwise.

And to the person who directly pissed me off;
I hope you find comfort in your scholarly vocabulary
and the 9-5 job your "adult" self will soon settle into.
Good riddance, douchebag.

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