Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Upcoming Events :]!

Being away from home,
my brain has finally settled down
and produced some amazing design ideas!

So when I come home,
I'm FINALLY going to create guy's shirts! I know now what I want
to do with them and how to make the Starship style look boyish
It's gonna be grand, I promise you.
Ohh and I'm going to buy an old plain bookbag
and make it into a monster bag!
I'll probably make mine, then take a picture of it
and make em for others if mine goes over well!

I'm excited!
I don't know if you are, but you should be!

I'm coming home in 5 days :]]!

Ohhh and this is my school schedule!

A Day:
Spanish - Day
Pottery 2 - Marsh
Us History - Denmon
Colorguard - Rittenhouse

B Day:
Computer Apps - Bradley
Human Anatomy - Rich
Enligh 3 - Batchelor
Geometry - Ardnt

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