Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Might I just say...

and even if I might not, I will anyway.

I wish people would use their heads.
You are not in love after knowing someone for a week;
it's called lust.
Nothing more.

I hate this sex obsessed generation.
I hate brainless people in general.

That's not why I'm here posting this blog.
Being in Ohio, I've had to explain my morals a trillion times
and pretty much everyone who I've talked to abou them have said they're dumb.
I expect that and whatever your opinions are,
you're welcome to have them!

I'm sick of explaining them
and forcing people to respect them.

I'm pretty sure I've decided (and it may be just because of how angry I am about people right now that I think this)
but the only guys worth getting "close" to
are the ones who I don't have to explain my morals and boundarie to.
A guy who doesn't even need to know about my purity ring;
one who just generally respects girls
and doesn't have to "learn to accept" my beliefs.

I don't know.
I'm mad, I'm going outside.
3 more days in Ohio...or is it 4?
I don't remember now.

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