Friday, July 24, 2009

never say never.

don't shout it either.

I'm sick of saying "someday I'll do this..."
"I promise I'll become this..."
"One day, I'll show you all when..."
I want to do it now, I want to become now, I want to show you all my full potential now.

My mind works faster than I can.
and those of you who have been around me this summer, know that I haven't sat still for more than a minute.
I want do more! I want to reach my dreams now!
I don't want to wait
but I'm doing everything I can and I still feel like I'm paddling upstream.
I am 100% worn out.
I'm constantly tripping over my mind and my body just wants to stop and catch its breath but my mind is just getting started.

I think right now I really would like a relationship.
I miss the security of one. The whole having someone who is there to call "mine"
that I can call up at 4 in the morning because I've had a bad dream.
I miss having somewhere there who will listen for hours about some crazy idea I came up with.
I'm ready to dive head first into a relationship for the first time ever.
My previous one opened my eyes up to a lot and I do admit, I could of done more.
In that sense, I mean I could of put more effort into the relationship itself.
I'm not by any means one of those girls who is like "eehhhh I need a boyfriend!"
I'm just saying, if a boy who struck up my interest came along, I wouldn't mind pursuing the idea.

I need a right hand man.
My creativity thrives when I have someone to spill my heart to.
Be my muse, please :]!

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skye britni said...

I obviously can't say I concur on the 2nd half of this blog. But the first half is a bullseye. :/