Tuesday, July 7, 2009

August 1, 2007

Everyone always talks about finding their "soul mate"
and how everyone has someone they're destined to be with.
How are we supposed to ensure we don't accidentally pass that person by?
How do we know that we didn't look the other way when we passed them on the street
or were at home sick when we got invited to some party that we would meet at?

Everyone says you're just supposed to hope or that you're drawn to meet them by fate.
But hope isn't good enough for me.

What if your soul mate is a few years too old for you
or has eyes for someone else
or think you're out of his league
or just isn't interested in something long term?
what if your soul gets in a fatal accident before you ever get a chance to meet them?

then what...?
are we just supposed to wait around for that person to come forever
or settle for something less?

I, for one, would like something a bit more stable to hope on.
I'm pretty determined to find my soul mate someday cause I don't want to just settle for meritocracy.

And I think, half subconsciously,
we all have hopes to become famous so that we have a better chance of our soul mates to take notice of us ^-^
I know that sounds like a pretty appealing fantasy to me.

I wish a neon sign went off overhead when you walked pass them
or when you met them.

I'm sixteen. I know I'm probably far from meeting my soul mate..
I just like to think about things

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