Thursday, July 23, 2009

You know I love you.

Everyone has a giant write up about how wonderfully amazing their friends are and I don't think that I do.
So here, my dear friends, this is for you.

For those of you who have been in my life for several years:
I've grown up with you guys in this tiny town and somehow, we've managed to become so different from each other.
Over the years, we've had our times when we drift apart from each other and other times when each other is all we have to rely on .
You guys have all had such a major and positive impact on my life and the direction I'm heading right now.
I can never thank you guys enough for your infinite support and endless nights of listening to me cry over who knows what.
We're stuck with each other with the next 2 years, there isn't any denying that.
After that, I hope I still keep you amazing people in my life.

For those of who who I have just recently met:
There is 3 of you, actually.
Skye, Josh, and Jonathan.
I met you guys at some an amazing time in my life and you haven't failed at keeping it just as amazing.
You've inspired me so much in the little time that I've known you. You're all amazing people with even more amazing minds. I love your creativity and spunk and your joy of just living.
You guys are directing me down a new path that I probably wouldn't of ever had the courage to travel on my own.
Skye especially. You're a strong, creative person who I've been overjoyed to get the chance to finally know!
When we put our minds together, amazing things come to be. Things the whole world can see (SUMMERFEST!)
I hope you never venture far from me because you've become the other half of my brain.
I can trust you with everything and that's really rare to find these days.
Heck, people like you in general are hard to find these days.
I could write an entire love letter to you, ma'am.
And I totally will someday when I'm not distracted by pretty tattooed ladies.

I love each and everyone one of you.
I love everything you bring into my life!
You guys are my friends through thick and thin and nothing is ever going to change that :]!
If you ever need me, be it day or night,
you guys are all permitted to call me!

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