Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The flaws of people.

are never-ending.
please, don't take for granted the fact that I'm "always there".
I go out of my way all of the time to prove to people
that I care for them.
But, of course, then they can't even be bothered to reply to my text or possibly say "hi" to me first for once.

I know I'm making a mountain out of an...ant hill?
I don't know that saying
but I know this isn't a big deal at all.

But right now, all I want is for someone to go out of their way to see me
or to be there when I just need someone to talk to.
For once, I want someone to be as interested in me as I am in them.
Oh, by the way, this whole blog is dedicated to complaining about boys. I have plenty of girl friends who are always there for me.

I miss not having to explain myself.
I want someone to take the time to learn me inside and out.

I'm so irritated. I dislike humans all over right now.
I just need a hug and to go to sleep.

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