Saturday, August 1, 2009

Everything on my mind. In list form.

I miss having a true to the core, hardcore boyfriend. It was cool having someone at the opposite end of the spectrum from me who could teach me about new stuff.

I really don't understand why I thought I looked good in middle school. Looking back, I know why people made fun of me. Although, I still don't consider them justified.

I agree strongly with a Postsecret I saw the other day. I am incredibly terrified I don't have the ambition to reach my dreams.
That I'm trying very hard to overcome.

It's really hard to find a boy that isn't completely dull that also isn't like "ZOMG I'M SO RANDOM...FRYING PAN, PUMPKIN PIE! Don't you just LOVE being random?!"
I would kill to find a happy medium in there somewhere.

I'm almost completely over my ex. And by him coming back into my life, it's helped me realize this

I would really like to take on the challenge of being healthy. I've heard it makes you feel like 20 times better about everything!
My body has been mad at my lately, so I figured it'd be nice of me to do it a favor for once.

I waste far too much time.

My favorite type of compliment is "Of course....You're Bri Isbell"

I love random calls from Christian.

Color guard is going to the death of me but I still love it.

I can't drive & I hate driving! I get distracted way too easily while driving.

Hmmmmm that's kinda all that's on my mind.
I mean, there's probably more but that's just the stuff that's been lingering around for awhile.

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