Friday, August 7, 2009

It's a requirement for girls.

that they have a perfectly planned out paragraph or two about their "ideal boy".
Or at least, people seem to think it's a requirement...I get asked weekly what I look for in a boy
and it's just "not acceptable" that I'm not completely sure.
So here goes:

I want a boy with confidence and charm.
Ambition and talent.
I want a boy who is my best friend and I can tell ANYTHING to.
He also has to have good people skills so that he can get along with my friends and family!

I want someone who is real with me; honest. Not someone who will shower me in compliments all the time.
But I also don't want a jerk who doesn't even act like he likes me.
A happy medium maybe?

I want a boy who will go out of his way for me when I do so for him.

I don't care about boys that much.
I want one to be nice and cute to me but it's not a necessity for me.

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