Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Down in the dumps; hitting the fan; spiraling downward

whatever negative connotation you'd like to use,
it'd probably fit me right now.

I have lost my inspiration.
I have lost my skill and passion.

I haven't created a single decent piece of clothing in the past month.
And I'm just completely burned out.
The things that used to inspire me just make me jealous now.

Beautiful works of art like these:

Compared to those, my work falls short...

I need a breath of fresh air.
I may be struggling cause I'm in such a rush to get something new done.

And hey,
if you've ever need motivation for cleaning out your closet of things that no longer fit,
here you go:
Starship (I) REALLY REALLY need fresh fabrics!
I'm broke...due to not selling anything
and if you'd be willing to donate old clothes of any kind, I'll give you a discount on a Starship order (that offer with never expire soo you can keep it valid until I design that piece you just HAVE to have!)
You help me out, I help you out.
Heck, I will even give you a discounted custom if you donate fabric to me.
Bring me trashbags full
or just one article.
I don't care, anything and everything is accepted and VERY appreciated!
It'd really help me get back on my feet if I had fresh, cute stuff to work with

1 comment:

Dakota Floyd said...

Don't fret! I go months without writing a single decent song (heck, it's been 19 years; my songs suck), but you just gotta keep at it. Eventually something good will happen. And it's ok to take a break for awhile; everyone gets burned out.

And sure, sometimes I feel bad that I can't write a song that's anywhere near as good as my favorite bands', but I have to be ok with. It's one of those things, that maybe if I work and practice hard enough that I'll eventually be able to achieve.

So basically, give it a break for awhile, have some fun, relax. It'll all be fine. :)