Sunday, May 31, 2009

Step 1: World Domination

Antisocial phase is OVER!
Now I'm bouncing off the walls
and back to being excited about everything.

I'm going to visit my G-Ma tomorrow

about my world domination...
Starship is going amazingly well!
I've been designing like crazy
and the new stuff is going to make your jaw drop!

(I'm too lazy to get an actual photoshoot together right now..
so I think I'll just take some crappy pictures soon and let those
suffice for now ^-^)

It's going to be all
Farrah and Bri

Gamegirl & Juicebox!

and the fashion industry will be like...
"Paul Griffiths who?"


all the lads will wanna be our friend
and we'll be like "naw, yo."

I don't know.
I'm in such a good mood
and I'm so happy with my latest creations :D!

I'll let chyoo go now

1 comment:

Breezy said...

Boy, when you decide not to be antisocial anymore, you really go all out, don't you!?