Sunday, May 24, 2009

wow..didn't it would come THAT fast

I mean, when I said I was prepared for you to let me down,
I never thought that would come within the same week.

I'm too busy for a dramatic boy anyway.
I need to focus on bettering myself
and my career...not on some boy
who is obviously just out to screw with my head.

No one gets the better of me.
especially not you.
As with everyone, however, I know there is good somewhere inside of you.
And I hope some day someone can get you to admit that.

I'm okay.
No, I'm not some "strong girl" who can face anything.
I'm just tired of people letting me down.
And worse of all, I'm tired that I now expect it from people.

Connor Oberst is a lovely person.

I basically just wanted to say...
I'm okay.
I'm over it, I'm over you.
I'm not one of those ragdoll girls you're used to.

Self self-esteem boost

The Mighty Boosh is coming on soon ^-^


deanapaige said...

I really wish it hadn't have happened so fast either.

Just don't let it get to you.
It's not worth it.
No boy is worth it.
And I know that's way easier said than done.
I'm still letting it get to me...

The Billie Odom said...

Oh yay, a fellow blogger :)

I should watch The Mighty Boosh, Megan is a fan as well..

skye britni said...

I love this post.
I love your courage and strength to pick yourself back up...
and more importantly, I love you. :]