Friday, March 19, 2010

I'll tell you all about living free.

When I said I wanted change, little did I know, I was merely giving my inner self the go-head it has apparently been awaiting for awhile now.
This past week, I have felt myself shift entirely.

And, as I always say, I cannot exactly pinpoint why.
But, 2010 is continuing to be well on its way to being my favorite year! :D

I had such an amazing time this afternoon!
Sunshine, loud music, Chinese food, amazing conversations about amazing music, and really awesome kids are really all I think /anyone/ needs in life

Oh! And I had an amazing last night as well.
Went to Pickens with the concert band to film their festival and did a lot of hanging around and creepily singing "on top of old smokey" to random kids in my presence.
And free pizza buffet!
and more bus riding home.
Gooood stuff :D!

Today, I was presented with the opportunity to make this my last year of high school
and to move onto college courses next year and being a, pretty much, full-time college student.
But, according to my elders, senior year just can't be missed.
Ohhhh senior year, you owe me.
so I will sit idly in this town continuing to "prepare" myself for what I'm already prepared for and continue wasting time.
I guess I'm just bitter about my, what I thought to be, wonderful plan being shot down.

tonight, as I said, was fun.
now I think I'm going to go rewatch 500 Days of Summer and fall asleep.
I want to spend the rest of the weekend focusing on my art and enjoying a bit of some artistic expression.
This week was one of the longest weeks I've encountered in awhile.
I'm fascinated by how much change I feel within myself now.
I'm pleased by it.

I want to start going by Rawley.
Or Brianna Rawley.
Still Bri Rawley of course, unless I'm just being overly fancy.
I really like my middle name and it doesn't get enough credit

My song of the week:

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