Saturday, March 13, 2010

My name is Brianna Rawley

Always has, always will be.
I am 5ft 2inches in height, and yes, that's standing up, surprisingly.
I'm pale on most occasions but get an accidental tan every summer due to band camp and lots of outside community service at Castaway Critters.
I get sick easily and my back almost always hurts.
I can easily look flatchested in slightly baggy t-shirts
and I don't know the number one hit of the week.
I don't like fast cars or muscular guys.

I dig my Scion and this one acoustic folk indie band more than most things.
I like car dancing and sing-a-longs.
I have a best friend with spikey hair and holes in her face. She's been my best friend for 7 years and is the single-most important person in my life outside of my family.
I have a ceramic cat that my best friend named Otis - he's been in the back seat of my car for a few weeks now and still makes me laugh every time I look at him.
I spit when I laugh.

I'm notorious for spitting out drinks onto people around me. On accident, of course.
I'm not as smart as some but I know a lot about random things.
I am Buddhist. I have been for a little over a year.
I am very tolerant of everyone and everything.
My morals are one of the most important virtues I have possess.
Trustworthiness is another
and confidence.

I like smiling at strangers and laughing way too hard over silly things.
I like planning out futures with people and imagining how amazing things will be.
I want to attend The Academy of Art in San Francisco.
I want to live in Toronto, Ontario.
Doing what I love and I personally believe to be right is most important to me.
I am very hardheaded and lighthearted.
I drink tea, wear fake glasses, and enjoy oversized sweaters when I don't feel like getting dressed.

I like art and am a fashion designer.
I would do anything for someone I care about and am constantly going out of my way for the benefit of others - and not minding a bit.
I like people relying on me.
Zooey Deschannel is my favorite actress.
I don't cuss unless I'm really mad.
I believe I'm a Democrat, although, I'm too young to vote and have never taken the time to really look into it. I know I'm not a Republican.
I'm unbearably gullible and forgiving. And yes, people take advantage of this all the time.

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.
I hate when people say sorry. I believe you shouldn't ever have to tell me sorry.
I like sarcasm.
I have a new found love of having my hair played with and how boys smell different on dates than they do when you just "see them around".
I'm an avid people watcher.
Asians are my favorite race.
I'm in love with love.
I'm not living for the day I obtain a husband, children, and a white picket fence - I want adventure and fear and love and the unknown the play a major role in my life.

At 16, I know exactly what I want to do with my life.
I am abstinent. Have never touched a cigarette, weed, drugs, or an alcoholic beverage, etc.
To this day, I have kissed two boys. Both of which I was dating, both of which meant a lot to me.
I have very high standards and know what I want.
Some people think I'm a "bitch" because of this. If that's what makes me one, well then, I'm very proud to be one cause I refuse to give-in to anyone.

My skin is super thick and very little gets to me anymore.
I have been accused of having a wall up. I believe this to be true.
To this day, I have not come across anyone worth taking that wall down for.
My favorite novel is The Perks of Being A Wallflower. I see myself as being a version of Sam. I live for feeling infinite.

I have the greatest friends in the world.
The people I care about, I keep around forever.
Since I was 12, I have loved a boy in California. He's perfection and to this day, still makes me smile bigger than most people in Georgia can do.
I want to get a tattoo of Georgia on the back of my right shoulder with a heart of Blairsville. I plan to leave here for many years
but this place will always been my home.

I want to get Waldo tattooed on the back of my ear.
I want to get "perfect exists, but only a day like this" and my wedding dated tattooed on the inside of my right forearm.
I want to get Buddha tattooed on my left arm.
I want to get "promise" tattooed on my pinky. Pinky promises mean a lot to me.
I want to get some imadethismistake lyrics tattooed on my hip bones. He's been my favorite musician since August 21, 2007.
I want to get "I swear we were infitite" tattooed on my back.
I want to get a bee with a heart as his head tattooed on my left arm which is a Jason Mraz inspired tattoo for "Be Love."
I want to get "trio of lunatics" tattooed around my left wrist like a bracelet.
for Joshua Nicholas and Farrah Jade, my best friends, who are, in fact, lunatics.

I like puns
and silly knock-knock jokes.
I hate sleeping in late, even on weekends.
I very rarely actually pursue my crushes and when I do, I allow myself to become far too insecure.
I like people from far away and making plans with them to meet someday (:
I like people who are genuine and don't put on a mask for me or anyone else.
I like knowing people's full names and how they got little scars on their bodies.
I like sharing music and learning about new music.
Strawberries are my favorite fruit although I hate actually eating them. I like strawberry flavored things and m car is named Strawberry (After Strawberry Fields Forever.)
I ask a lot of questions.

& I will never be anything that I am not. I cannot change myself nor do I have any interest to.
You either like me like this or can kindly show yourself to the door now.

I am everything and nothing.
I am anything.
Old and new.
Futuristic and vintage.
A small town girl with a city girl heart.

I am Brianna Rawley Isbell.
The Isbell part may someday change or it may just have "crazy cat lady" added to the end of it.

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Anonymous said...

An all those reasons are why u are my best friend :)!!

By the way this is Joshua :P