Thursday, March 11, 2010

self-medication: take 538

It's strange to me how we make plans with people and just assume that you mean enough to that person that they will, without a doubt, still be a strong participant in your life to fulfill these plans.
But that rarely ever happens.
But hey, the plans don't need to suffer because of this, and we still hold the urge to carry out the plans. Be it by ourselves or someone completely different.
And it's strange to me how the person we do actually fulfill those plans with, may not even be someone you've already met. That there is someone out there, a complete stranger, who would find your plans that you made with a former friend/boyfriend completely awesome and smile at you because you share interests with them and then they will add their own flair into it too.

It's just strange how, for those who haven't met their soul mates, their is someone out there waiting for them too. Maybe even searching.
And one day, you're just going to bump into each other and have a conversation over your choice of shoes that morning or the way you were late for work because you woke up with a hair sticking straight up and the process of how you got it fixed.
And you'll laugh and smile and somewhere along the line, you'll realize this is the person you've been searching your entire life for.

I hope for you, and for myself, that you find that person and they are everything you could ever hope to be.

This was my dream home when we first talked about it. But now you're no longer around and yet, this is still my dream home. I'm sure someday it'll make a wonderful palace for me and the soul-mate I have yet to meet.

I don't blame love for bad experiences and heart breaks.
I blame the people.

It's funny how things work.
And all the mysteries that we're completely unaware of right now.
The paths of things that could of been uncovered had we just taken a bit more of a risk last week.
The things we'll never know.
How I wish I could re-live this life over & over again.
But we only get one shot.
Let's smile at strangers, take risks, fall in love, be foolish, let's all just live...for right now.

I'm happy and excited to see what
mysteries my existence uncovers (:

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