Saturday, March 20, 2010

erase, resist, deface

starting off my day with a sledgehammer, goggles, and concrete stone decoration that needed taking down is a wonderful way to start a day!
Especially when the past week has caused you to tuck away a lot of emotions and such.
Needless to say, that concrete wall was taken down within 45 minutes.

I also started contacting a bunch of bands about Summerfest- The Sequel.
Now that I know where I went wrong last year, I'm working to make this year bigger and much, much better!
I don't want to give too much away...well, I don't even have anything to give away right now. Today being the first day I started talking to bands, I've only got a definite answer from two. One being a yes, one being a no.

The band I got a no from is this really awesome bluegrassy band I just discovered today, Greenland is Melting. They're been on my Myspace friends list forever and I just never got around to listening to them.
Which now, after realizing that I am a fan, I regret not listening for so long.
That guy was super nice so it was all good.
I downloaded their album and have spent the day listening to them.

Anyway, just another project I'm setting out on.
I live for people relying on me to get stuff done and being in way too over my head.
I do it on purpose sometimes.

I'm off to get some much needed sleep on the new pillows
I stole from my mom.
Sooo fluffy (:

What can I say? They got demselfs a new fan :]

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Dakota Floyd said...

I played with Greenland Is Melting last summer. They were pretty nice then, but apparently they were extremely rude at the venue / arts center I work at. Bummerz!