Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dear Self, It's Me Again

You remember just last Friday when you told yourself to go for it
and what could possibly go wrong?
Well, who knew that you were writing for your future self of less than a week later.
And that person that you were putting your trust into wouldn't even keep it for the remainder of the weekend.
That you would spend the following night with the feeling of your heart continuously dropping. Recalling the amazing Friday night you had but blot out the person you spent that amazing evening with. Staying up till 4:30 in the morning cause the thought of laying down to get some sleep scared the heck out of you because you didn't want to be vulnerable to your own recollections.
Who knew? Who could of known?

Maybe someday I'll acquire that jerk-o-meter that so many other people seem to have.
Maybe I'll stop crushing on boys that I simply do not matter in the slightest to.
Maybe, but I doubt it. I'm Bri & it's become just something that I do.

It's okay.
I'm okay.
Everything is okay.
It is all always okay.

Oh, this winter, my mom, g-ma, and I are heading back to Hawaii probably.
We're going to California the day before we have to leave out on the ship and staying in San Diego. I was hoping to have time to maybe visit Oakdale (where Christian Matthew lives) or San Fransisco (where I shall someday live).
San Fran - 7 hours and 44 minutes away
Oakdale - About 5 hours away.
So guess who isn't going to either of those places?!

In honor of my least favorite holiday:

I am a proud Scot and despise this Irish holiday.
Wake me when the Scottish Festival comes to town (:

I want some fresh faces.
And maybe someone to hold hands and watch movies with? I miss dates with someone who actually likes me in return.
And I miss calling someone every night and texting one particular person "good morning, sunshine! :D <3"
I need some good ole' fashion summer lovin'
and I wouldn't mind it starting before summer does ^-^

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