Friday, April 9, 2010

Times Square Can't Shine As Bright As You.

This has been the first season I've watched Project Runway.
Mostly because I was sick of people going
"OH! you're a designer? You must watch Project Runway then..right?"
and then the conversation entirely ending after I said that I had never seen it.

I figured the show was exactly the same as every fashion show. A lot of pompous jerks with their noses in the air going "ohhhdear...this is wrong, all wrong" while sipping weak tea and criticizing everything that walked past.
Well, I was partially right. However, I did fall in love with Seth Aaron who is my current inspiration for all things fashion right now!
I really do adore him :D!
And I hope that I can be that cool when I'm 38. Haha!

Tell me he is not the absolute cutest thing ever (: !
I want one, please!

And I also got invited to go check out Pratt University in New York.
The brochure they sent me made it appear to be just as appealing as The Academy of Art and, hey, added bonus is that it's actually on /this/ side of the country :p
I do want to take some time and possibly check it out. Even if it is a far stretch of me ever getting accepted.
I like their spiel of what an artist is:
"It's hard to tell at first. You look around and realize you're different from your friends who want to be doctors and lawyers and who believe that art,design. and writing are, at best, interesting...but 'nothing you can make a living at.'"
Right on, Pratt.

"I'm going to knock the f*****g socks of New York!"
-Seth Aaron

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