Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Perspective.

I've been viewing everything differently lately.
A lot has been changing and I'm enjoying it, for the most part.
It seems that everyone is moving somewhere different. Even if it's just down the street.

Love is my primary difference I suppose.
Relying on someone no longer scares me and I think it'd be awesome to not only have a partner in crime but a partner in...well, everything!
I think young marriages are cute and I'm looking forward to decorating a house with someone.
Personally, I still dislike kids but they look cute with other people!

I've fallen out of caring about high school.
Well, maybe not so much the school aspect although I do believe that teachers are out to get me right now.
But the people are what is really getting to me.
I can't walk down the hallway without hearing sooo many negative comments. Who cares what so&so did with her hair? Who cares that he likes her again and OMIGAH you can't believe he'd do that?
Just...who cares?
I realize that for most, these are the best years of their lives but ugh.
I'm so sick of negativity.

I've also calmed down slightly.
I can actually sit still for longer than 5 minutes now.
I spent 2 hours sitting around with a long-lost friend of mine last weekend.
We went from sitting in a tree to sitting on the grass back to a tree then to a different tree. Most enjoyable experience I've had in awhile. I like those people you can just sit and talk to.

I think I might take up the guitar again.
I'll unleash my skillz at Summerfest! (:

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skye britni said...

oh my goodness. i am with you. i am so tired of negativity and i am totally diggin' romance.xD