Sunday, April 11, 2010

Failed Attempts At....err...Everything?

This one-man-band musician boy that I like a lot, known as Failed Attempts at Facial Hair, made a blog about his Top 10 Favorite songs.
I really like sharing music and hearing other people's music as well so I listened and downloaded most of his.
In honor of continuing the sharing of music, here are mine.

1. The Smiths - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
In 7th grade, I picked up The Perks of Being A Wallflower after hearing how it was a great guidebook to the typical teenager's life. Of course, being a 7th grader and really pumped to be almost out of middle school, I wanted to read about how teenagers should act and such. Little did I know, this book would quickly become my favorite and I'd later go on to read it three more times. Anyway, for those who haven't read the book, it features The Smiths. The main character, Charlie mentions Asleep and how it is the most beautiful song he has ever heard. Naturally, I had to go check that song out. I fell in love with the band and moved on to other songs. The chorus of this song makes me fall in love all over again every time I listen to it. "She could have been a poet or so could have been fool" "I'm not happy & I'm not sad"

2. Imadethismistake - Gravediggers on Their Deathbeds Pt. 2
If today is the end, does that mean tomorrow, we get to start new? Of course, imadethismistake was going to make my top favorite songs. I may reach creeper status by remembering the first time I saw this guy live was August 21, 2007. A friend of mine, for those who may not know, used to put together shows here and Kylewilliam (the singer and at the time, the only guy in the band) was just another traveling musician who caught 8th grade me's attention. He's had my attention for 3 years now. At a show of a later time, he explained that Part 1 was about finding his dream girl and all the qualities she would have and how amazing their love would be. Part 2 is about realizing that girl doesn't exist and being perfectly fine with that. Love is meant to have flaws with it. Or something like that...that speech was years ago.

3. Chase Coy/Dear Juliet - All Those Nights
Enough can be said in the very first line of the song - One more year and I'll be heading out on my own. Leaving my friends and the place I come home.
That and I could honestly just take a nap in his voice (:

4. Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet
Bright Eyes, the drug years. I'm a far bigger fan of him during that time than current days. Of course, kudos to him for cleaning himself up! This song reminds me of 8th grade math class, the first week that I met my best friend, Stephuhknee. She had pencils with lyrics to this song written on them.
And, as you may of noticed, my favorite songs are mostly pretty raw sounding and this song is no different.

5. Daniel Bedingfiel - Gotta Get Thru This
Long before anyone ever heard of Natasha, Farrah and I were rocking out to this song. Since I have a song that reminds me of Stephuhknee as one of my friends, this song reminds me of my other best friend. Nostalgia to the max. 5th grade. First time I ever went to Farrah's house. I remember being in, what was, Heather's room, crowded around the computer with Rachael, Deana, Heather, and Farrah listening to this song. I must admit, although I don't often listen to it, I still dig it quite a bit!

I only have a top 5 of songs right now because I'm not old enough to have a giant collection of songs that remind me of the glory days.
There you have it (:

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