Monday, April 26, 2010

Embracing The Rain!

Cause for a change, I really am diggin' the rain (:
I'm definitely more of a fan of storms than just rain but either will do for now.

Today, my friend Will asked me to take him home
I said sure before realizing that he was joking so he just hopped in my car
and I headed to his house!
Not very far out of town but a lot of twisty one-lane roads and a few turns onto even smaller roads.
He kept saying "ohhman I'll feel so bad if you got lost on your way out!"
Well, of course, I did get lost.
I drove around trying to find something that looked familiar and I came across a church that had a sign outside, as most churches do. The sign said "Lost? Let God be your GPS"
Not two minutes after that, I found the bridge that I was looking for and safely got back on the main road to head home.
Kudos to you, God!

I'm single again.
Nothing actually went down, I just am not a fan of long distance relationships
and quiet people kinda freak me out.
We ended on good terms
and I still hope we can be friends!
So that is that.

I'm out of that place between sleep and awake.
I'm fully convinced that I'm awake right now (:

Everything is running smoothly and I'm very happy.
More than happy, I am at a constant level of content so no matter what, I'm just cheerfully observing my surroundings.

19 days left of school.
I couldn't be more ready...
Summerfest is coming up June 11th and I'm going to see Greenland is Melting at Wonderroot on May 27th!
SATs are this upcoming Saturday.
I still have another custom order to get done and have shipped out within the next week or so.
&& my imadethismistake CD has yet to get here. Stupid pre-ordering :(

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Dakota Floyd said...

I work at WonderRoot, but I won't be there that day. Otherwise, I'd get you in for free.

Also, the new imtm is really good.