Sunday, April 4, 2010

& this seems like a wonderful place to start!

Everyone says this is the season of rebirth. Where everything gets a chance at life for yet another season or two.
So, I find this a wonderful place to start over. To give myself another chance at life - a new life. A different perspective, a different mindset, a different sense of ambition and wonder.

Yet again, I'm traveling down a new path.
To a new destination - an unknown land unseen by most but inhabited by wondrous things to experience!

For a change,
I'm not inviting anyone to come along on this adventure with me.
For a change,
it's up for those who dare to choose to come along with! To show me that they care enough to, at least, keep an eye on me as I travel farther into the opposite direction.

"this is my story & I'm writing it as I go along. My only problem is, I'm writing it in pen"

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