Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thank you.

I'm actually not feeling down today at all.
I'm finally starting to get used to the combination of everything different life is currently throwing my way.

I got too in touch with reality recently. Times like that suck. Haha!
I get so overwhelmed by everything because it's all I ever think about.
I just need to stay up in my own mind-world where things are safe

"Its ok to get down sometimes. We are human. No one has a perfect life. If your feelin sad, unmotivated or depressed. Thats ok.. it is good to feel. If you feel nothing then you have a problem. Everytime your down you always get back up again. Without the bad there is no good. Without the ups there is no down. I personally think when im having down days they motivate me more then anything. You need to look at your life and figure out why your feeling that way. Once you figure it out, your golden!"
-Audrey Kitching

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