Friday, November 27, 2009

in my world, even the doves are blingin'

recently, I've been watching lots of photography shows.
Now I understand why people fall so in love with the art of's grand!
although I don't think I could ever conquer it.

but, I was watching this adorable couple where the boy was a photographer and the girl was just kinda a socialite.
They were equally as well-known because his shots were shown all over the world and she was his main model. It was cute :]
So, with that said, I wanna date a photographer, please :P!

I'm still sick.
I think I have the flu, honestly.
I'm spending the day on the computer trying to find "inspiration" for my pottery scrapbook. Not all that easy.
I also have an anatomy project due soon but I think I'm probably going to put that off till like Sunday afternoon. Great plan, I know.

I've kinda given up on people in Blairsville. I love the place, just not the people.
(except for the select few who I love and they know who they are already)

I need a change of scenery. A change of style. Change of well...everything!
And I want hair like this :]

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skye britni said...

(very simillar to what you said on one of my blogs... but...) if blogspot had a love button... I would click it a million times.