Wednesday, November 11, 2009

College Admission Essay

Hur we GO!

I'm not sure my prompt yet because I've been sewing and haven't looked for a prompt I want to use yet but I know what I want to say...basically.

I am a fashion designer. Not just behind the sewing machine but at heart and mind as well. I see the world through eyes of fashion. My dream [is] to make everyone in the world look fabulous and feel amazing about themselves in their own skin - not just to to create "the look" and dump everyone into the mold.
-and then skip around a bunch and get onto my personality traits.-
every piece of work I create, a little piece of my personality captures itself among the stitches. My clothing [has] zest and originality! No two pieces are exactly alike and I intend to keep my designs permanently that way.

Hmmm that's all I have so far.
I'm probably going to look into Parsons School of Design's prompt. I can probably find one there about fashion.
I did find a cool one that just said "Tell us about yourself"
Buuuuut I would like it to be more art targeted.

Oh! the bracketed words are passive voices that I can't have in my final copy :P!

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