Monday, November 30, 2009


a topic I've been apart of the majority of my life.
The giggles when I walk by, the "OMG what is she WEARing!?", the blank stares, the flat out rude remarks...all of it. Been there, done that.
You'd think by now I'd be use to it. I mean, hey, it's my fault anyway right? If I don't want the attention, don't draw the attention to yourself.
Yeah, no thanks.
I dress the way I do and do the things I do because that's what makes me happy. I don't do it for attention or to give some low-life an opportunity to use me as a personal punching bag.

Teen Vogue has even turned to helping teenagers cope with damaging effects of bullying. I thought it was pretty cool that they took up a few pages to speak out against mean girls and how that's not cool in the slightest. So much of media shows girls that nothing is wrong with it and it's cool to be mean. Maybe Teen Vogue will help get the message across. If only there was some way I could get the message across to teenage boys as well.

I absolutely cannot stand how people treat each other sometimes!
Despite what we look like, we're all people. We all have feelings and all get those feelings hurt occasionally.
According to the article, teen suicide is on rise yet again. With further investigation into these suicide cases, there has been a trend of cyber-bullying and name calling and friends stabbing each other in the back.
Nothing gets under my skin more than mean people!
Like...ugh. Just think about it.
You take your nasty opinion, wad it up, and throw it at someone. For you, the deed is done.
For them, however, that opinion is going to cling to them and run in their minds over and over. People like me, that hurt isn't going to show very easily. They're going to wipe it off and keep smiling their way throughout the day.
But there is only so much wiping off that can be done. Eventually, it's going to cling. It's going to pop up in the back of their minds at random.

I don't know...
I just cannot understand why people treat each other like this!
Stuff like that hurts and no one seems to care! Life is just a giant cat fight for some people. Clawing their way to the top, trampling anyone who is standing nearby.

People are getting meaner and less caring all around. In my eyes anyway.

But I ask,
what if we all just stopped and thought about the cruelest thing we've said to or about someone. Think about what it was said to begin with or why you felt it was important?
From there, maybe we can make a change. Make people think twice before they spit something hurtful out.
Yeah, opinions matter and I know not everyone is going to agree...but why does that mean that people who disagree have to be thrown down like ragdolls?

People are people.
Regardless of sex, age, heritage, sexual orientation, style of dress, choice of music, or whatever else you can think of!
We all share some common ground somewhere. I'm sure if you gave more people a chance, you'd see that everyone has some beauty about them.
People are quirky!
And that's what makes us interesting.

So shut up and smile :]
Just be nice.
words to live by, I must say!

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