Thursday, November 19, 2009

Name change?!

I love the name Starship! buuuuut I'm kinda sick of people saying
"z000mG! do you know that there is a porn store in Atlanta named Starship?"
yes....I'm aware.
So I think I'm finally going to suck it up and just change the name.

To what?
That I'm not sure of.
I'm currently leaning toward Gamebox!
Cute, short, annnnd retro-ish sounding (gameboys...ya know?)

I'm not set on that or anything sooo if you have an cute name, throw it at me!
I kinda wanted something that would go in front of Couture and sound cool but I haven't thought of anything yet *shrug*

The name has to resemble the clothes I make, of course.
Sooooo think of how I dress and what would be a good name for the kinda style.

ooooor I'll just stick with Gamebox.
Yes yes.


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