Sunday, January 3, 2010

So I think I finally have my "goals of 2010" together

This year, I have full intentions of:

-coming up with a name for my clothing company. Starhip is out since there is a porn store named that in Atlanta. Ichigo is out because no one seems to be able to pronounce it and there is already a photography site out on Ducktown with that name.

-dye my hair this color:

this time, I'm doing it myself so it comes out actually the color I want it to. No more spending $93 on some lady who smells like cigarettes and completely ignores my hair-color requests.
January 16, 2k10, this hair shall be mine :D ohhh I'm so terribly excited!!

-be incredibly picky with my standards. especially when it comes to boys.
this going to be super hard since I usually hand out chances to everyone who passes by.

-not cuss. ever.
I mean, I rarely did already anyway cept when I was being funny or something was really bothering me. But not anymore!

-do something productive each and every day

-follow my religion better. It's honestly really strange for me to have "guidelines" kind of because I've never had a real religion before last year.
also, a major thing that is going to take a lot of getting used to

-be more carefree!! I want to make more plans and actually go through with them.
I don't want to come home everyday and sit around. I need to loosen up when it comes to doing stuff

I think that's all C:

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