Thursday, January 28, 2010

the great punchline.

What do you get when you cross a short tattooed biker Hungarian guy with a properly raised Canadian lady?
Well, the punchline comes along within my entire existence.

I'll be the first to admit,
I am not cut-out to graduate from my 13+ years of schooling and go onto enroll into another 8 years of school.
I am not cut-out for a 9 to 5 job of punching the clock in daily and my biggest decision of the day being where I will eat lunch.
Nope nope nope.
and if it ever becomes my thing, so be it.
That will be the person I someday transform into.

However, I do not know what my long-term run holds for me.
I don't have a giant plan marked down to exact dates of when I'll marry, when I'll have kids, when I'll move to the country side and buy a white picket fence...
Heck, I barely know what I'm doing tomorrow.
And personally, that's the way I prefer it.

I don't know what my future holds.
And you cannot tell me what is in my future either...
Therefore, I'd really appreciate it if people, who think they have everything so figured out, would stop pushing their ideas down my throat.
I make decisions a countless number of times each day. Decisions that I may not learn the outcome of for years.
However, the outcomes I receive, are not for you to decide.

I don't take things too seriously.
I don't care if I end up living out of the back of my car begging for money someday. Whatever path I choose, no matter how many times that changes, I'll be happy.
Above all else, I make myself happy.

No, I don't have everything figured out.
Neither do you.
Yes, I still wander around searching for who I am and who I want to be.
No one else can choose that for me.

I'm sick of people telling me I'm wrong.

Why do I do the things I do?
Because no one ever told me I couldn't.
And I'm sorry if you've ever been criticized for your dreams or for who you truly are.

I'm hardheaded and have been granted tunnel vision.

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Anonymous said...

Be who you are and NOT who anyone tells you to be! YOU are not a sheep and will never be one. You live outside the box. Just remember we need the worker-bees so that people like you can be free to create.
Never give up, never surrender!